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06/11 Show MFA Senior Bezalel

Jun 6, 02:19 by Ivonne Dippmann

February to June 2011
Tel Aviv, Israel

Selbstsehportrait / Konstanze Seifert
Kurt und Emma Wächtler


Graduation Show
MFA 2011
6/6/11 – 18/6/11
Jaffa Port, Hangar 2


My favorite stone is a diamond. It is pure and contains the universe. I readjust my haircut often, it marks a change in my life. I like to be alone, it’s honest I think. In the morning I get up very early. I don’t drink coffee, only tea – without sugar. My favorite place is my bed. I could stay there for days and hide. I don’t go out at night, because nightlife bores me. I don’t understand people who need to display their charms in bars surrounded by the violence of the noise of others.

I am single. I don’t belief in marriage, it somehow reminds me of fitted kitchens. The vows “forever” and “never” trouble my mind. I hate liars. I dream almost every night. I dream in color. I never had a television and I avoid black electricity cables. Every day I remember my childhood. I loved to eat spinach and to run in the woods. Most of the time I spent with my grandparents who lived around the corner. I miss them.
I love fashion, but I truly don’t like shopping. It is an unreasonable demand to spend time in shopping malls. I started to dislike them when I lived in America.
I find high heels very appealing and sexy, but I cannot enjoy wearing them. They reduce my ability to walk fast or to run. I am not a dandy. When I move freely I feel alive. The desire of arrival? – I deny. I strongly believe this thought is misleading and of possessive nature.

I am afraid to forget. My friend said you never lose your life, but I am not sure about it. I spent hours remembering, reassuring my very existence. The brain changes memory over time. The “actual” situation back then remains impossible to remember. This is not fair! I take many pictures, but I never make back ups. I print.
I love unconditionally. I cannot break with people I love. I feel empty when they leave my life. To let go is something I haven’t learned yet. I left many times. Leaving belongs to the most exhausting experiences in my life. “In between the gaps” I sit down. I have my eyes closed. I break.

I don’t understand the meaning of God. Sometimes I pray and I am very impressed by old churches. A great occasion to experience silence.
I believe in ghosts. I avoid taking the metro, because I don’t feel comfortable to be underground. If I go by bike I am afraid to die. I spent most of my money on food and books. My fridge is always full, my mind too.
I haven’t met an interesting person for a long time. It becomes harder to meet someone who I can really talk to. Most of the conversations end with a compromise. Sometimes it is very hard to believe that everything what happens is for my best. Today is Friday.

It rains.

Partially after
Heavyweight black blazerpattern, woven blend (top part)
Two canvasas / black ink on canvas folded and reversed, leather implements, one silver chain, two spraypainted feathers, metal table (three pieces) and four glass plates
2 m x 2 m

(Detail) The universe
Bodenkonstruktion Nr. 1a
Black ink on canvas, one silver chain
2 m x 2 m

The Slaughtered Ox
Golden leather, silver implements, metal construction and nickel
1,50 m x 1,10 m

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