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09/11 Solo Bloom field, Tel Aviv

Sep 13, 12:07 by Ivonne Dippmann


30th of August – 15th of October
La vie, c’est moi.

Bloom field Gallery
Ruchama 12
Tel Aviv, Noga

Director of photography: Giulia Bowinkel & Friedemann Banz
Clothes, styling, setup design: Ivonne Dippmann

Tel Aviv, Israel
Video installation 20 min loop
16 : 9, HDV

DEAR, Before I lay out my intentions, Car la phénoménologie, Crashing through the battlefields, Within breaks of brief silence, conquering the shields of the forgotten, Remaining in its ambiguity, My concept being carried out, linked with the typical way of human being, I propose to you, par excellence, I love you, To renounce any critical attempt, Elle implique un consensus, De quoi?, To banish myself, La violence de l’état originel, a la réalité, In other words there is a fear, And life?, This is us.

Hence, Alors Gregory!, Having traced the condition of precarious existence of man, it directly derives from it, Incertain en un milieu frequentable, Derrière le mur invisible de la familiarité, It is a movement, with a secret agent, La vie, c’est moi, La totalité du notre condition, Potentially containing a repetitive element, Not necessarily in its identical form, Redemption, Either theoretically or politically, Serait pas justement une zone grise, Mon monde a moi
Peut – être

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