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12/17 Group xpon-art HH

Jan 11, 19:44 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2017 – 049


Thursday 14 December 19h

14 December – 21 January 18

xpon-art gallery
Repsoldst. 45
20097 Hamburg

Samstag bis Dienstags 18 – 21 Uhr


with Arne Lösekann, Evelyn Eschbach, Fernando De Brito, Inken N. Woldsen, Ivonne Dippmann, Jon Frickey, Tobias Becker

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2017 – 049
What’s your name, what’s your number, I would like to get to know you, 305 × 832 cm, Collage, Acryl, Tusche, Gouache, Glanzlack, Karton, Messing, Textil auf Wand, Textildesign FriedrichDippmann, Hamburg 2017

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2017 – 050
We tried to talk to God, but he is a little busy today., sculpture 1/2, Berlin 2017 (quote: Shaked Dribben, Ein Gedi, 12 2017)

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2017 – 048
Other than that, take care baby!, video work, sound Daniel Dor, camera Michelle Medenblik, Tel Aviv 2017 (in memory of Benjamin Mecz)

I.D.: Are you in love right now?
B.M.: I have always been in love, I am in love with love, I am a lover by the end, it goes with the fact that I am a believer, I believe in love.
Tel Aviv, 02.10.2017

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2017 – 051
I am in Japan, 120 × 80cm, marker, wool on cardboard, Hamburg 2017

Thank you: Arne Loesekann, Jan Thomson, Rolf Kellner, Justus Lippke, in memory of Benjamin Mecz

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