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02/19 Wallcarpets, #LLTLVC

Mär 2, 06:53 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 235 – 249

Artworks kickstrarter-edition #liebesliedtlvc

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 235 – 249
thekidswantcommunism, 15 wall-carpets by FriedrichDippmann, produced in Chemnitz in collaboration with the professorship of TU Chemnitz, 2018

thekidswantcommunism is a textile-based project that started with a production of twelve prototypes (sweaters), produced in Chemnitz and documented in Tel Aviv for the artbook-project Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv in autumn 2017. Based on the good feeback and demand to purchase these sweaters FriedrichDippmann produced a limited edition of 80 knitted sweaters and few beanies. The production and optimisation took place in Chemnitz in 2018. Aside of wearable items, we produced full-size pieces to determine colours and patterns of each individual design. These few pieces are now up for sale as part of the kickstarter-edition for #liebesliedtlvc.

Abstract pattern, back-side SarahYotam, 4-colour-design, first prototypes by FriedrichDippmann, Chemnitz 2017

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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