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03/19 Gewinner, Molly

Mär 10, 09:51 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 – Molly Morgan Founder of Maria Morgana and co-founder of Ade Velkon, Berlin-based

Studio and Store Ade Velkon, Potsdamer St, Berlin 2019

Gewinner is an ongoing documentary project in Germany and Israel since 2016. It documents and follows friends and colleagues behind-the-scenes in both countries. Its aim is to show their personal space in combination with their work they have been creating and developing over the years. Gewinner was originally part of the artbook-project #liebesliedtlvc and developed into an independent series of black-and-white portraits.

© Ivonne Dippmann

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03/19 Edition Germens

Mär 8, 07:07 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 – 250, 251

Verflossener Zement (in grau-beige) is a textile-based collaboration between Studio Ivonne Dippmann and Germens Store & Lounge, founded by René König in Limbach Oberfrohna, Chemnitz.

Verflossener Zement is shirt of the month April 2019, limited to 99 pieces. The fabrics are jacquard woven in Lusatia, printed and highly refined in Saxony. Each shirt is manufactured individually with greatest care and impresses with its unusual surface, fine workmanship, details and durability.

You can order this leisure shirt online. If it is in stock, you will receive it within a few days with DHL delivered. If your desired size is not in stock it will be made for you. This takes approx. 10 weeks from the respective order date (3 x per year).

188,00 € (incl. 19% VAT & shipping)

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 – 250
Verflossener Zement, cut-out, ink, acrylic, spray paint on canvas, Berlin 2015 – 2019.

Verflossener Zement in grau-beige is based on an artwork presented at a solo exhibition Air, GfjK in Baden-Baden in 2015. Verflossener Zement is part of a large-scale canvas that I have been using like a mat in my studio for the past three years. The edition will be launched in May and is available at Germens Store & Lounge. The price will be 228 € each. All items are being shipped internationally.

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 – 251
Mockup of Verflossener Zement in grau-beige, triptych, acrylic, gouache, ink, spray paint on canvas, 2,90 × 4,20 m, Berlin 2015, © Photography: Michael Belogour, Ivonne Dippmann – solo exhibition Air, GfjK Baden-Baden 2015

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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03/19 Patches lltlvc

Mär 5, 07:37 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 patches lltlvc

I did it all with love
is an exclusive edition of patches that will be included as insert in the art book Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv. The patches are produced in Chemnitz together with Onkel Stitch, founded by Guido Günther.

I did it all with love, first prototype of a series of patches, work in progress, Chemnitz 2018

Thank you Melanie Straube, production manager.

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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02/19 Wallcarpets lltlvc

Mär 2, 06:53 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 235 – 249
Artworks kickstrarter-edition #liebesliedtlvc.

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 235 – 249
thekidswantcommunism, 15 wall-carpets by FriedrichDippmann, produced in Chemnitz in collaboration with the professorship of TU Chemnitz, 2018

thekidswantcommunism is a textile-based project that started with a production of twelve prototypes (sweaters), produced in Chemnitz and documented in Tel Aviv for the artbook-project Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv in autumn 2017. Based on the good feeback and demand to purchase these sweaters FriedrichDippmann produced a limited edition of 80 knitted sweaters and few beanies. The production and optimisation took place in Chemnitz in 2018. Aside of wearable items, we produced full-size pieces to determine colours and patterns of each individual design. These few pieces are now up for sale as part of the kickstarter-edition for #liebesliedtlvc.

Abstract pattern, back-side SarahYotam, 4-colour-design, first prototypes by FriedrichDippmann, Chemnitz 2017

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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02/19 Gewinner, Justus

Feb 20, 10:14 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 – Justus Lippke
Founder of Juliwerk, Berlin-based

workshop Juliwerk, Naumannpark, Berlin 2019

Gewinner is an ongoing documentary project in Germany and Israel since 2016. It documents and follows friends and colleagues behind-the-scenes in both countries. Its aim is to show their personal space in combination with their work they have been creating and developing over the years. Gewinner was originally part of the artbook-project #liebesliedtlvc and developed into an independent series of black-and-white portraits.

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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02/19 Collages lltlvc

Feb 15, 12:19 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 089 – 109
Artworks kickstarter edition #liebesliedtlvc.

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 089 – 109
For we bend and break time, 20 photo collages Chemnitz & Tel Aviv, Edding and ink on paper, A3, framed and numbered, kickstarter edition artbook #liebesliedtlvc, Chemnitz 2019

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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02/19 Woolworks lltlvc

Feb 10, 09:19 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 082 – 088

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 082 – 088
From Berlin with love, yarn in different colours, 6 m flatsteel (available in different colours), 100 × 70 cm, 1/7, signed and numbered, Berlin 2019. This edition of seven individual artworks is part of the kickstarter edition for #liebesliedtlvc.

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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01/19 Collages VA lltlvc

Jan 10, 11:47 by Ivonne Dippmann

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 001 – 081
Artworks collectors edition #liebesliedtlvc.

Ivonne Dippmann WV 2019 001 – 081
Never love offline, 81 photo collages Chemnitz & Tel Aviv, Edding and ink on paper, A4, collectors edition artbook #liebesliedtlvc, signed and numbered, Chemnitz 2019

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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01/19 Liebeslied Chemnitz - Tel Aviv

Jan 1, 09:35 by Ivonne Dippmann

Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv

שיר אהבה

— work in progress —

A monography by Ivonne Dippmann (2016 – 2021), layout and design Klute Agency, 23 × 30 cm, hardcover, half-linen, 444 pages, approx. 340 colour and b/w images, in German, English and Hebrew), with a patch produced by Onkel Stitch, Chemnitz, regular edition of 1000 books, collectors edition of 81 books with an original artwork, price regular edition: 69 Euro, collectors edition: 444 Euro

The production of this project has been realised through collaborations in both towns over the past four years. A release date will be announced ahead of time. Thank you to all partners, photographers, authors, translaters, lectors, stylists, hosts, friends & family. You can follow this project on Insta and fb under #lltlvc #liebesliedtlvc

Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel AvivJ’ai envie de dire je t’aime © cover photography Michal Chelbin

Denn wir biegen und brechen die Zeit.
— mit einer Einführung von Ivonne Dippmann

Wenn eine Künstlerin eine Biografie wie Ivonne Dippmann hat, geboren 1981 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Tel Aviv, liegt es nahe ihr Werk vor dem Hintergrund sich verändernder Umgebungen verstehen zu wollen. Die Kunst als Konstante für die Erfahrungen eines diskontinuierlichen Lebens bildet den Ausgangspunkt dieser Widmung an zwei Städte, die Heimat und Anker ihrer Arbeit sind: Tel Aviv und Chemnitz.
Liebeslied versteht sich als Kontrapunkt des ewigen Anrennens gegen die Welt. Es nimmt Momente unter die Lupe, in denen Bewegungen in Stillstand umschlagen, stete Veränderung etwas Ewigkeit erfährt, Erinnerungen Menschen zugeschrieben werden und man fühlbar tiefgreifend verharrt. Es hält jener Lage einen Spiegel vor Augen, in der die eigene Vergangenheit punktuell das gängige Selbstverständnis zur Welt aushebelt – eben dann, wenn wir im Rückblick einen Abgleich zu uns selbst suchen.
Liebeslied beschäftigt sich mit jenen Episoden und Gebieten, die erahnen lassen, was uns unentwegt antreibt und auch zutiefst erschüttern kann. Tel Aviv hierbei als rasanter Herzschlag des Westens und Chemnitz als Dornröschen, das langsam und stet aus ihrem Tiefschlaf gerüttelt wird. Doch worüber dieses Buch schlussendlich spricht, ist Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit – mit Menschen, die eigensinnig und beherzt beiden Städten ihren Zauber und Nachdruck verleihen; hervorpreschend und schrill wie auch sacht und geheimnisvoll.

I did it all with love, first prototype of a patch that will be included as insert to the book. The patches are produced by Onkel Stitch Chemnitz, founded by Guido Günther.

For we bend and break time.
— with an introduction by Ivonne Dippmann

When an artist has lived in places as far-flung as Ivonne Dippmann has (b. Karl-Marx-Stadt, 1981; lives and works in Berlin and Tel Aviv), it makes obvious sense to read her work in light of these changing environments. Art as a constant in the experiences of an itinerant life – that is the starting point of this homage to two cities that are home to and anchors of her work: Tel Aviv and Chemnitz. Liebeslied (Love Song) intends to mark a counterpoint to the endless wrestling with the world. It magnifies moments in which movement comes to a stop, constant change turns into eternity, memories connect people, and we pause in heartfelt silence. Liebeslied brings episodes and places into focus in which we receive intimations of what keeps us going, but can also shake us to the core. Tel Aviv, the frantic pulse of the West, and Chemnitz, the Sleeping Beauty of the East, slowly being aroused from her slumber. This book is ultimately about friendship and collaboration – about the strong-willed and courageous people who fill the two cities with charm and drive; striking and shrill as well as gentle and mysterious.

Für Chemnitz — a poem by Hannelore Berthold / For we bend and break time — an introduction by Ivonne Dippmann (1/4 pages, Tel Aviv part)

Tel Aviv

With a poem by Ron Winkler — Path 53, a poem by Roy Chicky AradCast Steel Cadaver: The Poem of the Dead Escalator and a text by Roy Brand — Growing up Bauhaus

Double spread, text by Roy Brand — Growing up Bauhaus, © photography Michelle Medenblik, Tel Aviv 2018

lltlvc chapter 01 — We are many
Curated by Tanja Rochow and Ivonne Dippmann in collaboration with Philipp Gladsome

We are many features 72 creative people from Tel Aviv and surroundings which are/have been active and outstanding in different fields of expertise. Chosen are colleagues that we got to know over the past ten years, creatives that have been recommended to us and all of those who emphasise in dialogue, good spirits and collaborative work.

With an interview by Tanja Rochow with Asaf Weitzen and Sulaiman Khatib (CEO Combatants for Peace) — There is no realistic visionary
and a short interview with Raphael Zagury-Orly — My craziest faith

Liebeslied — We are many with Amos Schocken, Minus One Galleery, Haaretz Collection / Anna Kopito, Kikar Levana / Yehudit Sassportas, Studio Eilat Street / Itamar Kastielle, Yaffo Port / Orit Ahviv, Studio Harakevet / David Schocken, 13 Nitsana Street © photography Philipp Gladsome

with: Rotem Bar-Or, Osnat Elkabir, Zac Hacmon, Yehezkel Lazarov, Assaf Salhov, Olaf Kuhnemann, Amos Gitai, Amos Schocken, Yankalle Filtser, Addam Yekutieli, Meir Cohen, Yair Biran, Omri Barel, Monique Harel, Shimon Kabili, Anna Mirkin, Marcelle Klein, Omer Krieger, Asaf Weizen, Sulaiman Khatib, Amir Glick, Orit Ahviv, Amnon Ron, Joshua Simon, Josef, Shlomo Sharon, Dan Basman, Arnon Naor, Galia Malatesta, Itamar Kastiel, Dekel Hevroni, Cordelia Lange, Ofer Shahar, Ilana Goor, Zohar Gotesmann, Shirlee Harel, Dr. Verma, Chaim Gavish, Itzik, Shai Azoulay, Roee Rosen, David Ginton, Oran Hoffmann, Sharon Luzon, Luca Lombardi, Yehudit Sassportas, Naomi Maaravi, Ariel Reichman, Dari Schechter, Lihi Turjeman, Chen Alon, Eli Lior, Eli Petel, Anna Kopito, Daniel Dor, Efrat Shahar Goldenfish, Nimrod Kaplan, Lance Hunter, Roy Chicky Arad, Hed Meyner, David Schocken, Tzlil Danin, Adi Ulmanski, Ailon Gavish, Alex Fridman, Heela Harel, Raphael Zagury-Orly

Double spreads — We are many with Philipp Gladsome and Tanja Rochow, Tel Aviv 2016-2018 (Luca Lombardi at Perez Center for Peace, Arnon Naor at beachfront Jaffa port, Efrat Shahar Kaplan at home, Nimi Kaplan at Albert Cafe, Tzlil Danin at Rabi Khanina St, Jaffa, Ilana Goor at her rooftop garden at home.

lltlvc chapter 02 — Do not break
Series of black and white images, Tel Aviv © photography Ivonne Dippmann, Tel Aviv 2016-2018

With an introduction by Luca Lombardi — Why Israel and an interview by Ivonne Dippmann with Hanan Tal, Lohetzi (disabled – not half a person) — People who drive in the left lane actually want to get somewhere

Anna, Friday, 10 February 2017 9:27 pm / Anna, Friday, 17 February 2017 8:45 pm / Allenby Ranch, Tuesday 4 April 2017, 8:21:34 pm / Pinto, Saturday, 25 March 2017, 6:26:58 pm

Double spreads, Do not break with texts and images by Ivonne Dippmann, Tel Aviv 2016-2018

lltlvc chapter 03 — Nothing will happen if you sleep in jeans

With an interview by Ivonne Dippmann with Keren Gasner and Ron Grundland for Gottex swimwear — I prefer to have less but timeless things

Nothing will happen if you sleep in jeans! features around 30 local design & fashion labels which work in between architecture, sculpture, fashion and design. Pushing on an experimental approach those creations will be put into scene in places of inspiration and personal significance. In collaboration with Hila Shayer & Haya Vider, Sascha Prilutsky for Dvision & Christina Belle Dickens, Avi Noo & Maya Lebovitch, Anna Mirkin & Tal Givony, Ivonne Dippmann & Tal Givony & Tal Givony

Double spreads, short texts, collages and photographs — Nothing will happen if you sleep in jeans in collaboration with Sascha Prilutsky, Dvision & Christina Belle Dickens, Hila Shayer & Haya Vider, Avi Noo & Maya Lebovitch, Ivonne Dippmann & Tal Givony


With a poem by Hannelore Berthold — Für Chemnitz, a text by Jan Kuhlbrodt — Das Aquarium and a text by Burkhardt Müller — Ankor in Chemnitz – Das unsichtbare Monument in der Brückenstraße

Double spread, text by Burkhardt Müller — Ankor in Chemnitz – Das unsichtbare Monument in der Brückenstraße, © photography Ivonne Dippmann, Chemnitz 2017

lltlvc chapter 01 — Dem Gesicht einen Schritt voraus (ahead of the curve)

In collaboration with Yvonne Preibisch, Konzert- und Kulturproduktionen GmbH and Philipp Gladsome

With an interview by Ivonne Dippmann with Karl Clauss Dietel & Hartwig Albiro — Ich lasse keine Partei der Welt ungeprüft an mein Gewissen and a short text by Ruth Petrovitsch — Love gives life meaning

Dem Gesicht einen Schritt voraus features 69 people from Chemnitz which are / have been active and outstanding in different fields of expertise. The people featured were curated by Yvonne, Philipp and myself as well as chosen by recommendation. Each person who was already part of the project could recommend someone else. Like in Tel Aviv, everyone could choose to be photographed at their favourite place-to-be.

Liebeslied — Dem Gesicht einen Schritt voraus with Dr. Ingrid Mössinger, 100 m Freibad Bernsdorf / Barbara Ludwig, Sitzungssaal Rathaus Chemnitz / Ronald Saupe, Parkhaus Innenstadt / Beate Düber, Garten hinterm Haus / Markus Wolf, Golfplatz Chemnitz Klaffenbach © photography Philipp Gladsome / Piet Weidner, im Wald / Tukayana Paulo-König, Fahrzeuglampenfabrik Riemann, Sonnenberg © photography Ivonne Dippmann

Making of Liebeslied Chemnitz — Dem Gesicht einen Schritt voraus with Philipp Gladsome (photography) with Ronald Saupe, Parkdeck Innenstadt Chemnitz / Steffen Volmer, Atelier Kassberg, shooting part 2 Chemnitz, 08/09.2016, © photography Ivonne Dippmann

with: Steffan Claußner, Beate Düber, Jan Kummer, Lars Fassmann, Hanna Siebenborn, Ingo Scheller, Matthias Doehler, Felix Schubert, Anke Neumann, Hartmut Schill, Ingrid Mössinger, Mandy Knospe, Hartmut Koch, Nicer, Steffen Volmer, Kathrin Uhlig, Robert Reinhold, Wolfgang Gebhardt, Heda Bayer, Markus Wolf, Erika Habort, Ralf Glaser, Olaf Held, Carsten Knödler, Hartwig Albiro, Andreas Winkler, Ruth Petrovitsch, Guido Günther, Hilmer Messenbrink, Familie Oelschläger, Dieter Wuschanski, Curly, Barry Sloan, Ronald Saupe, Bettina Haller, Naser Hashemi, Rene Kästner, Stephan Scholz, Philipp Weiser, Robert Schuster, Tukayana Paolo König, Piet Weidner, Christoph + Johannes Weiser, Alexander Seybt, René König, Holger Cebulla, Ulf Kallscheidt, Sabrina Sadowska, Karl Clauss Dietel, Michael Morgner, Barbara Ludwig, Alke Schmidt, Beate Kunath, Veronica Seidel, Frank Maibier & Gregor Torsten Kozik, Justin Sonder, Gabi Frehse, Falk Klemm, Michael Meier, Andreas von Bismarck, Andreas Glauch, Olaf Bender, Anja Richter, Andreas Degen, Felix Brummer

Double spreads — Dem Gesicht einen Schritt voraus with Philipp Gladsome and Yvonne preibisch, Chemnitz 2016-2018 (Yvonne Preibisch at home, Felix Schubert at rooftop Weltecho, Robert Reinhold at Südbahnhof, Beate Kunath in a cornfield in Stelzendorf, Olaf Held at Clubkino Siegmar)

lltlvc chapter 02 — Bedeckter Himmel, zwei Welten auf dem Tisch (cloudy sky, two worlds on the table)

Bedeckter Himmel, zwei Welten auf dem Tisch — a series of black-and-white images and short texts by Ivonne Dippmann, Chemnitz – der Ort — an introduction by Beate Düber and Man hat’s nicht leicht auf dieser Welt — a text by Christian Dippmann

Sunday, 11/06/17, 6:23:33 pm / Wednesday, 10/05/17, 11:08:57 am / Tuesday, 09/05/17, 11:56:49 pm / Sunday, 04/06/17, 6:17:32 pm / Sunday, 04/06/17, 6:33:44 pm

Double spreads — Bedeckter Himmel, zwei Welten auf dem Tisch, images and short texts by Ivonne Dippmann

lltlvc chapter 03 — Hey Ivonne, alles gut bei dir? (hey Ivonne, everything alright?)

With an interview by Ivonne Dippmann with Thomas Merk and Thomas Wünscher for maximo – Strickmoden Bruno Barthel GmbH & Co. KG — I always preferred music but textiles preferred me

In cooperation with Agnes Friedrich and Christoph Neumann, produced in Chemnitz

Liebeslied Chemnitz — Hey Ivonne, alles gut bei dir? with Agnes Friedrich and Christoph Neumann, shooting part 2 Chemnitz: my grandparents house, Karl-Marx-bust, AJZ, TU Chemnitz (faculty of textile technologies), Diamant bycicle factory, Clubkino Siegmar © photography Christoph Neumann

09.06.2016 Rabensteiner Wald, Viadukt Rabenstein, Clubkino Siegmar, Kulturpalast Siegmar / 10.06.2016, 8. Mai, Elite Diamant, Stausee Rabenstein, Felsendome Rabenstein, Elternhaus, Haus Grosseltern / 11.06.2016 AJZ, Karl-Marx-Kopf, Stadtbad Chemnitz / 25.09.2016 Brauerei Reichenbrand, Totensteinturm, Sportforum, Andre Gymnasium / 26.09.2016 Grundschule Reichenbrand, Eissporthalle, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, SMAC, Wanderer Werke / 27.09.2016 BrockmannKnoedler, Theaterplatz, Strickerei TU-Chemnitz

Making of — Hey Ivonne, alles gut bei dir? 8. Mai / SWM Chemnitz, Diamant Fahrradwerke Siegmar, Stausee Rabenstein, 10./11.06.2016, styling Agnes Friedrich, © photography Christoph Neumann

Anderne, Calzedonia, Felix Doll, Herr von Eden, Blank Etiquette, Ambra Fiorenza, GLAW, Thomas Hanisch, Intimissimi, Isabell de Hillerin, Kazar, Tim Labenda, Lala Berlin, Thoas Lindner, Muntstock, Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm, Friedrich Neumann, Marcel Ostertag, Sibilla Pavenstedt, Stein Rohner, Tata Christiane, Augustin Teboul, Dawid Tomaszewski, Trippen, VAVA eyewear, made auf Veddel, Veja, Henrik Vibskov, Claudia Vitali, Isabel Vollrath, Julian Zigerli, ZL by Zlism


by FriedrichDippmann Chemnitz – Tel Aviv, 2017 – 2019

With an introduction — thekidswantcommunism by Tal Gafny and Ivonne Dippmann and 12 interviews with Gil Karniel, Benjamin Mecz, Anna Pakosz, Yotam Mahler, Stacy Goltsev, Michelle Medenblick, Yaniv Shapira, Michael Tesfay, Timothy Crosland, Yael Tabitha Parker, Gregory Abou and Sarah Reifschneider.

Born from rock © photography Goni Riskin for www.koma6.com, installation: Shay-lee Uziel, model: Yocheved Ochayon, Tel Aviv 2017 / double spread — text thekidswantcommunism by Tal Gafny

FriedrichDippmann is a Berlin-based collaborative between Agnes Friedrich and Ivonne Dippmann. Under FriedrichDippmann we initiated a textile-based project under the catchy title thekidswantcommunism. Its core and theme have been inspired by a conference on communism at CCA, Tel Aviv as part of the exhibition The Kids Want Communism at MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam curated by Joshua Simon.

Together with the professorship of textile technologies at TU Chemnitz and maximo-Strickmoden we designed and manufactured a first series of twelve individual knitted sweaters. As part of the artbook we documented these prototypes in Tel Aviv and featured twelve friends along with their individual stories at their favourite place-to-be. We interviewed friends and colleagues who I embrace for their vision, mindfulness and ability to share their life and ideas with others. Their individual choice to live in Israel is crucial aspect and influence for their way of life and creating their vision. The interviews and images, along with a short introduction by Tal Gafny and myself, are heart and center of the book.

Making of Liebeslied Tel Aviv — thekidswantcommunism 2/12 interviews with Timothy Crosland, Carmel Market and Anna Pakosz, Midron Yaffo Park, Tel Aviv 2017 / Model SarahYotam by FriedrichDippmann © photography Ivonne Dippmann

Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv with Yaniv Shapira and Benjamin Mecz, preview thekidswantcommunism, Tel Aviv 2017 © photography Ivonne Dippmann

Special thanks to Tomaso Baldessarini, Sharon Ester (Con Art Magazine), Tal Gafny, Goni Riskin and Joshua Simon who collaborated and provided thekidswantcommunism with a platform. You can follow this project on Insta and fb under #lltlvc #liebesliedtlvc #tkwc #thekidswantcommunism.

tmblr The Kids Want Communism, MoBY Museums

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12/18 Diaries SID

Dez 20, 10:09 by Ivonne Dippmann

From Abulafia to Naumannpark
behind-the-scenes Studio Ivonne Dippmann

Behind-the-scenes, studio view / mood Liebeslied Chemnitz – Tel Aviv & thekidswantcommunism by FriedrichDippmann, photography: Alex Winton

Studio Ivonne Dippmann was founded after I returned from Tel Aviv to Berlin in autumn 2015. The studio was a first step to build a creative home and base in a somehow, to me, ‘foreign’ place. Being a student, I moved from Berlin to Jerusalem in 2008, continued my studies in Fine Art in Bezalel, Tel Aviv and stayed as long as possible after. At the same time I’ve been going back and forth for residencies and exhibitions in Europe and the US. My artistic world, its influences, sensibility and interpretation is rooted in Israel. It rests like a ghost in between the Negev desert, Sabbath dinners with friends and this energetic, colourful urban life in South Tel Aviv. In Berlin people have been asking me, ‘Where does your work come from? It’s not very berlinish.’ It took me a while to understand, but yes, it’s obvious that Berlin, even until now, hasn’t manipulated my ways and senses – for that it’s neither strong nor deep enough. I still imagine myself less walking the streets of Schöneberg than running Gordon beach, walking Rothschild Boulevard or eating hummus at Abu Hassan. It won’t change, therefore I know too well where I belong.

For now, I’m very lucky that my studio is located in a former industrial area south of Berlin. It seemed like good will from the universe to make it easier for me to adjust because the area is a slight re-interpretation of neighborhoods where I used to live in Tel Aviv. ‘En miniature’, I’m surrounded by carpenters, welders, car mechanics, framers, a volleyball court (that cannot be compared to the beach in Jaffa, but generates in equal amounts an interesting bunch of young people) or few residents that have been living here their entire life’s. They’ve witnessed the change of systems and the accelerating process of gentrification, just by opening their windows. I couldn’t have imagined to run a studio here because I didn’t know it even exists in Berlin. Comparable to Tel Aviv, neighborhoods where living meets working, foremost the producing industry, are re-modeled and taken over by real estate business.

In Naumannpark, that’s what the place is called, one of my neighbors is Justus Lippke, founder and owner of Juliwerk Berlin. Between MD-Elektro and Box 44, a motorcycle workshop, he’s specialised in metal constructions of all kind. His customers range from high class architects, artists or neighbors next door. Before entering the workshop you walk through a very eclectic curated garden area. Besides a table and a bench, various plants, trees, flowers and herbs create a delicate mix of exotic character. I often start my work-day by stopping by in the morning; almost guaranteed to get stuck in a good chat. Juliwerk isn’t just a workshop where I learned to work with metal, further it’s an address where friends and colleagues meet, neighboring businesses work and support each other or barbecues are thrown. On a personal level, it’s important to Justus to experiment; not just as a welder also by embracing clients that he considers interesting and have less money. One could assume he selects his clients by levels of sympathy.

To be creative and self-critical, to understand and put into words that ‘everything makes sense’ is based on dialogue and exchange in every field possible. In Berlin, I catched myself going less to outside, instead, spending most time in my studio. It became a delicate and for my taste down-to-earth surrounding to work and progress. At times, Berlin has the ability to chase me from one place to another. There’s an unsteadiness and urge to move continuously that is draining and unnecessary. Compared to Tel Aviv I explain this phenomenon with the fact that Berlin is built on sand. If you don’t move, you sink deeper and deeper, bit by bit. In Tel Aviv I remember myself being in different kind of rush, more purpose-oriented, less draining.

In my daily routine and the way I choose people to work with, I look for steadiness and solidity. I was lucky to engage in collaborations such as ‘Escapes’ by ReimersdahlDippmann, ‘thekidswantcommunism’ FriedrichDippmann or ‘poetry of sound’ by OhseDippmann where I coupled up with like-minded creatives. Creative output and its energy cannot be taken for granted even though it seems that the market takes it often as a given – in a way as if I put a five-room apartment up for sale. Our inner sources and its sensibility to observe and transform our environment have limits, especially in large scale cities that don’t necessarily nourish and comfort us as human beings. The commercial art world turned into an arena where few players manage to juggle and perform on a daily basis – but also their output will have its boundaries because you can’t be a genius all day every day. Ultimately we work in a very small niche where art is luxory. Is it worth it?

Studio front, Naumannpark, Berlin 2018

I answered this question myself by running a space where I produce and manage most works myself. There are limits and over the years I engaged in the ‘art of collaboration’. To bundle networks and expertise that isn’t necessarily money-oriented, on the contrary, opens up venues to experiment and proceed rather unexpected ideas that seem out of our comfort zone. Since everybody invests according to their individual capacities, in my experience, results are of much better quality instead of hiring people for a job. By committing to projects that take one year or longer I can be sure my partners care. I often find it ‘easier’ to work alone but it’s crucial to take good care of relationships that work. Either way, there isn’t a right way.

© Photography: Studio Ivonne Dippmann

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